Monday, February 24, 2014

"Well, we don't eat our shirts, we wear them."

From the mouth of babes wisdom can be found.

Well, you already know Jose is awesome. But just wait--there's more! He just has such a big convert fire and it is so cool to be able to watch it continually grow and flourish. This week, we got a call from Jose on Wednesday night after he met with Bishop Lund and he was SO excited because he told us, "I'm getting the Priesthood on Sunday! And then I am going to sit up there for the next 2 weeks when they bless the sacrament and then in like 3 weeks I am going to bless the sacrament!" He was so bubbly and excited, which was so cool to hear. And then, yes indeed, yesterday he was ordained to the office of a Priest! He was sustained in Sacrament Meeting (in which Sister Jensen and I were beaming with joy because Jose was getting the Priesthood), and then right after Sacrament meeting he was ordained. It was so cool! Another recent convert got to stand in the circle as well and so it was so powerful. Sister Jensen and I were beaming all day and so was Jose. He is so cool! Last night we went and taught him, and it was awesome. We started off with the question, "Who are you?" And he soon found that we were looking for the answer "a child of God." We talked about his divine parentage and how that influences us here on earth and how it can help us. As part of it, Jose told us that he talks to everyone about the Gospel because "You grew up in the gospel. I didn't. This stuff is familiar to you, and it's not to me. So I get so excited when I learn these cool things and I want to share it with everyone I see!" He is doing great at fulfilling his baptismal covenants thus far. Another highlight of that lesson was in part of it we asked 'Who do you know that is struggling and how can you help them?" He thought for a second and then told us he thought of Brian, the less-active member he's come to visit with us a few times. It was cool that he was already thinking this soon after baptism of how he can help those less-actives he knows come back to the full joy of the gospel.
We taught Karen and Brian this week with Jose as well and it was awesome. Sister Jensen and I were a bit nervous because we taught tithing, which is the reason they went less-active 11 years ago. So it's a bit of a touchy subject. But having Jose there to bear his testimony of tithing and how her knows it is inspired of God and helps us was so powerful! Jose is not afraid to testify boldly and do what he can to help them. He really wants to be able to be home teachers to Karen and Brian and that would be great. So we're going to get that ball rolling. It's so fun to work with someone who has so much desire to help everyone and ANYONE they can!
Karla is also doing well. This week when we met with her she told us the story of her journey with God, away from God and then back to God and how she knows she let us in for a reason. A lot of people from different churches have come to her door, she said, but for some reason when we came she felt like she should let us in. She is so close to being on date for baptism! She is so fun to work with. In that lesson, she also told us that she knows the Book of Mormon is true, or she believes it is so much. Such a cool lesson! That lesson when investigators tell you they know the Book of Mormon is true is so powerful. The Spirit is always so strong. She also came to church yesterday, which was so exciting because she has a 2 year old and a 1 month old, so it gets a bit crazy with the both of them. But luckily, the 2 year old went to nursery and stayed there the whole time, so Karla could mostly focus on the last 2 hours. She loved it! We went to 2nd ward because she couldn't make it to our ward this week due to the earliness of the hour. But now she understands why coming to the ward she lives in is so important, so hopefully this week she'll be able to make it to our ward. I love church, but 6 hours of it in a row (only 20 minutes in between wards) was a lot. But Karla was there and she stayed, so it was all worth it.
To explain the quote on the subject box, on Monday we were visiting with a less-active, Sister Feil and she has 2 young kids. The oldest is 3 and the younger one is around 1. We were sharing a message with Sister Feil and were talking about the commandments when her adorable 3 year old daughter stated. "Weeeeellllll, we don't eat our shirts, we wear them." (Stated in a very matter-of-fact voice). She then continued. "See this big hole? [pointing to the bottom of her shirt] That's where my body goes. And see these small holes? [Pointing to her sleeves] Those are for my arms." Haha it was hilarious. And the best part is, her mom has no idea where she got it from.
We got a new investigator this week, who is new to us but actually is a former investigator. Her name is Shirley and she is a cool spunky firecracker. She is awesome and we love teaching her already. She had a lot of questions for us about the Book of Mormon and the history of the Church, so she is very curious. She remembers a lot from when the missionaries were teaching her from before, so that's always cool. She takes in the answers well and really thinks about what we are teaching.
This week, the elders gave us an investigator they just got last week. We haven't been able to teach her yet, but we have an appointment set up so we are excited. It's funny because she lives in the same apartment complex as Jose (recent convert), 3 other investigators (now 4), a less-active part member family, a former investigator and a potential investigator. We haven't been able to tract it yet, but that's the plan. We plan to baptize everyone in the complex and rename it "Celestial Condos" or something. But really though. Everyone lives there! It's hilarious.
So yeah, this week was awesome! Sister Jensen and I both feel that we will not be together next transfer, so we are enjoying our time together while it lasts and making our area the best we can. I can't believe how fast this transfer is flying by! It is crazy to me.
I am so grateful for all of your prayers and help. Thank you for being a huge support to me and for being great examples to me. I love you all!
sister leslie. 
Us with our awesome investigator Karla

Us with Jose the night of his ordination

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