Monday, March 17, 2014

Transfer Doctrine

I'll just get right into it. This time, we actually do have some changes. So prepare yourself! We got the call Friday night at 10:31pm. Ready for it? Sister Jensen will be moving to Mitchell, SD. She will be pinkwashing (When 2 sisters come into an area at the same time, what Sister Jensen and I did here in Minot), and her companion is currently in Bismarck. She's excited for the new adventure. As for me, I will be training a new missionary here in Minot, so I will be here for the next 2 transfers and then I'll probably move. How did I take the news? Well, let's just say, I literally went into shock and for the next day was practically crying for the whole day. I was terrified. It's interesting, though. Since Sunday (yesterday) was the start of the new transfer, I felt more peaceful and I felt the mantle (I guess that's how you would call it) of being a trainer came on, so I wasn't freaking out as much. But I'm still nervous. I'm getting to the point where I am almost excited, but I'm not quite there yet. I just hope I can do it well. I want to be as good of a trainer to this new missionary as Sister Jensen was to me. I know the Lord will help me, though, so I will make it. It will just be an adventure, and at times, a bumpy road.

I am so glad for this time I've had with Sister Jensen. She is awesome and amazing and I love her to bits. She has taught me so much about myself and others and how to build my testimony as well as help others come closer to their Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ. It will be weird not having her around me, but I know that this is happening for a reason and that I am prepared. Or, mostly prepared. I am excited for Sister Jensen to touch the people in Mitchell. SHe will do a great job. :)

This week, we saw a lot of miracles, like always. I never cease to be amazed at the miracles the Lord blesses us with. We got 9 daily contacts this week, which is more than we've gotten in about a month and a half. It was a blessing because we haven't been able to go tracting due to Sister Jensen's foot, so our contacts last week were very low. Before we went in anywhere this week, we prayed that we would be able to get a contact. And the Lord provided opportunities for us. We did another MSU booth this week, and 4 people talked to us, more than ever before. When we went into the Salvation Army this week, there was a lady there talking to Michelle who then started asking us a few questions, and we were able to bear testimony of the word of wisdom and the purpose of sending out missionaries. The other day, when we went into the gas station to buy a car wash, a cashier there asked for a Book of Mormon, out of nowhere, and got his friend interested, too. Turns out that the first guy is a former investigator, and might be open to learning again. Everywhere we've gone this week has been filled with people for us to talk to, and it's been inspiring. I don't understand how people can say that God doesn't answer prayers. They're just not looking hard enough, because He answers every single prayer in His own way and in His timing. 

It's a great way to get in with people you haven't seen in a while when you tell them that Sister Jensen is moving and wants to say goodbye. We've been able to visit a lot of people and share scriptures with them. Not all of them have counted as lessons, but all of them have brought the Spirit and uplifted the people we're with. I'm just very sentimental today I guess because today is our last full day together, but we've had some great last lessons with people. I'm going to miss Sister Jensen so much. The good news is, we've been taking pictures with everyone practically, so you can see what people look like! Yay!

Karla is doing great! She is currently in the Isaiah chapters, which are way harder to understand, but she is barreling through it. She's almost done and is excited to get back to where it's a story. I don't blame her. She continues to read and pray every day, and is growing rapidly in her faith. I'm excited to continue to see her grow. :)

Jose helped with the Sacrament again yesterday. He's getting so good at it! He also was called as a ward missionary, so he has that calling and is way excited! We have him for 3 more weeks before he gets married and moves into 2nd ward. I'm going to not handle that well. So, I'm not thinking about that yet! I have many other things on my mind. But he is doing so good! He is praying, reading, preparing for the temple, progressing just as we want him to. And it's not for us we want him to be progressing, it's because we know this is what brings true happiness. 

I'm sorry, my mind is spinning at like 8 million miles an hour right now and I am trying to type this out. I hope it makes sense. Please forgive me if it doesn't. I'm very distracted right now. We have a lot to get done, so I will write more next week, promise! Love you all!

The Gospel is true! I have learned for myself!
sister leslie.

The Best District Ever

We went out to see her horses and thought we looked Amish, so it was funny. 

Sister Veazey-Long, Brother Long (who WILL get baptized someday),
Bishop Lund, Sister Lund, Me, Sister Jensen

The Mckinney Family: Justin (BF of Kaitlyn), Kaitlyn, Sister Jensen, Ashley (investigator),
Me, Sister McKinney, Brother McKinney

Sister Jensen, Brian, Bryce (3), Karen, Maggie (1 1/2), Me

The Billings Family: Doug, Sister Billings (Our Minot Mom),
Sister Jensen, Me, Sam, Tim

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