Monday, April 21, 2014

That Easter Morn

For starters, I have made the decision to have an attitude of gratitude like President Uchtdorf encouraged us to have, so from here on out it will be only positive things in my letters home! Yay! It is amazing to see how Easter can completely turn your attitude around to one of positivism, hope and new beginnings!

This week was quite intense, but aren't they always? This week we stopped by and saw Danielle again. She was very stressed, so we ended up helping her clean her apartment for a while. She commented on what good cleaners we are, and we both explained that it's because (for me) I'm the oldest and so I have the opportunity to clean up after my siblings and (for Sister Manning) she was a nanny for 4 years and also cleaned up a lot at home. So, kids: be good cleaners now because it will help you on your missions! 

The main intensities happened on Wednesday. We brought a member with us to visit Karla, but when we got there and sat down, it was different. Karla started to tell us how she had been talking to her mom and now told us that she didn't want to be baptized or for us to come over again. I was shattered. I didn't know how to handle the situation. In district meeting immediately preceding this lesson, however, Elder Probert gave an inspired training on listening and following the Spirit to address investigator's concerns. With this in mind, Sister Manning and I simply listened to Karla and to the Spirit. When it was our turn to say things, we were led to know what to say. So was the member that was with us. Karla ended up getting a priesthood blessing and is now more solid than ever to be baptized this week. She understands that the adversary is trying to lead her away from the truth. (Oh yeah, and I don't think I ever mentioned this, I forgot, but Karla is on date and is going to be baptized THIS Saturday, the 26th!) It's truly amazing what the Spirit can do through us. It reminds me of the scripture in Doctrine & Covenants 42:14, "...and if ye have not the Spirit ye shall not teach." It's incredibly vital to have the Spirit with us, I've noticed. If we wouldn't have followed the Spirit, she would be gone. She would no longer be investigating, and who knows what may have happened in her life. The rest of the times we've seen her since then have been really good, she's progressing well. She wasn't at church yesterday, but it wasn't her fault. She got up with her girls in the morning and got all ready and waited in the living room for her ride, but her ride was late, so she went back to bed. So! She's still good! She's making church a priority now! Everything in full swing for her baptism on Saturday. :)

Also, I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but Ashley, our investigator, is 14. 

On Wednesday, we did Home Primary, and we had this super cute idea to go buy some helium balloons and then have the boys color pictures of Jesus and then we would tie them to the balloons and send them to God....cute, right? Yeah, we thought so. So we do everything, get the balloons, color the pictures, tie them to the balloons, go outside, throw them up, and they fly up and.....into a tree in their front yard. Poor boys! They were like, "Ahh! Now God won't get our pictures!" And they were very sad. We taught them that God can see their pictures in the tree, but I don't know how well it worked. I feel really bad! So maybe next time, we won't try that again. Haha. 

Another fun day was Easter morning. We got to Church, and were waiting for Karla to come when frantically the ward choir director came up to us and asked us if she could run to her house to to get the piano accompaniment for the ward choir songs. This was at 7:54 (Church starts at 8). SO we book it to her house, get the folder, and on our way back, the sister who's picking up Karla calls and asks where Karla lives again. So we drive over there with her and go knock on Karla's door (but now we know she had already gone back to bed), so we went back to Church and got there right before the Sacrament started. It was crazy. But Church was awesome! Loved it!

On Friday, SIster Manning and I got pulled into singing a musical number with Sister Osburn and Sister Peterson for their Sacrament meeting yesterday. We sung "I Know That My Redeemer Lives" and I think it went pretty well. We got to go up on base on Saturday night to practice with the accompanist! It was quite exciting! I got a background check and everything and I passed with flying colors! (Luckily, running over that sign isn't on my record....Haha) 

We taught Haylie again this week, and this time her husband was there! Her husband is reluctantly agnostic, so it was very interesting to be able to share things with him. He really liked hearing about the 3 Kingdoms of Glory, it made sens to him (because it does make sense--God's whole plan for us makes total sense!), so that was awesome. 

Other news: it snowed this week (yuck), and yesterday it was 70. It felt SO nice you have NO idea. Haha. 

I love you all! Hope you had a good Easter! If you didn't watch Because of Him last week, go watch it now at
sister leslie.
All of us sisters, frowning in the 7 inches snowing (and counting!) we got on Wednesday

All of us sisters, frowning in the 7 inches snowing (and counting!) we got on Wednesday

Sister Manning and I with our most beautiful tulips sent to us for Easter by my parents! Thank you! :)

The entrance to the Air Force Base here. Haha I love it! Why not Minot?

Us with the Maples family yesterday at our Easter dinner, along with the super cute Easter baskets they made for us! Awww!

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