Monday, June 30, 2014

Creamation is Robbery, Feed the TREESSS!!!

Wow! What a week! We don't have a lot of time today, but I will try to cover everything.

Last week at Joshua's Storehouse, one of the places we do service at, we went out to the truck to get some medicine on our lunch break and on the way back, John, one of the men that works there was in his car and called us over. He then asked some questions about how we start our missionary service and what we do on our missions and what we teach/believe. It was really awesome! He really wants to turn his life around, which is awesome! That is what we like to hear! It's so cool when experiences like that pop up. 

Sister Burt also had a dentist appointment (there is a member here who will do teeth cleanings for missionaries for free), and it was the oldest, sketchiest dentistry I have ever been to. All the tools were really old and they all sounded like they were going to die any second. The x-ray thing was mustard yellow. Wow. It was scary. I was thinking of getting my teeth cleaned too, but after seeing what Sister Burt went through, I'm good. I'll just brush and floss super good. 

We had a really good appointment with the Winterton family this week. We went in and established expectations, and they want to make it to the temple! It is so cool! They really have a big desire to be active again, and so we are going to help them get there! They are so cute. Sister Winterton was even sick, and she participated. Most people when they are sick use it as an excuse to not meet. That's how you can tell they want to be active and move forward: they are doing what it takes and not making excuses! Working with people like them is always really awesome.

On Friday, we went tracting, and had the funniest experience EVER. A long haired, one toothed (even a baby tooth!) man hippie answered the door. We started into our tracting approach when he paused us and said, "I have a better message for you." We were intrigued, so we asked him what that message was. He replied with, "Cremation is robbery. God created our bodies to be fertilizer. Feed the trees! FEED THE TRRREEESSS!" It took all Sister Burt and I had in us to not start laughing right then and there. Ha we are still laughing about it and probably will be for a while. Oh man. Also while we were tracting that day, we saw a door that said, "Smile! You are on camera!" Funny, yet a bit creepy. The lady next door looked at us awkwardly through the front door window for like 30 seconds when we knocked on her door! Ha! What an interesting street that was!

But we did find a new investigator through tracting that one day. It was really awesome. Her name is Teresa, and at first we didn't know how much she had real intent, but at the end she was very interested. She is in her 60s and is awesome! We love her already!

I don't know if any of you pay attention to the weather here, but there was a flash flood here in Casper on Friday night! Sister Burt and I were trying less actives and we saw this storm a bit off that looked angry. We were nervous for it, but thought it would be awesome. As we went to try our less active of the night, we asked the man next to us if it was supposed to rain. He said he thought it would be clear. haha as you will soon see, the sky was NOT clear all night. We were in talking with a less active when suddenly it came out of nowhere. Sheets of rain as I have never been before came down, as well as immediate fog. Then the hail started. It got up to the size of about a dime, maybe a little smaller. Fearing for our truck, as soon as the rain let up just a tad, we made a run for it. Wrong day to wear a pencil skirt. I could hardly make it! I was going as fast as I could, and eventually we made it. We were completely soaked through though (see picture). the city sirens went off and everything. It was quite exciting! 

I think because of that, or maybe I caught it from someone, I'm not sure, I got sick and have this awful head cold thing. I have been getting like 4 hours of sleep and sleeping during the day any time that I can. Last night, we got back from Sunday dinner at 6 and I slept from 6:30-9 and then 10:30-6:30 this morning. But I made it through the night. Haha I have no voice today, so I sound really funny. I feel a lot better today, though, because last night I got a priesthood blessing, and that helped me a lot! The priesthood works!!

Saturday night we went to a non-denominational Christian church, Hope, with the 1st ward elders (Elders Telford and Wilkinson). Austin invited us. It was sooo different than our Church! They had a band with drums and a guitar and everything. It was weird! And the way they did communion was so different and the Pastor was different (having a Pastor was different). Overall, it was a weird experience. Cool though. It helped to solidify the testimony that I have the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Christ's church on the earth. So yeah, that was different. 

I gave a talk in Church yesterday on Elder Ballard's "Following Up" talk. It went pretty good. Good thing I lost my voice today and not yesterday!

Thank you all for everything, the prayers and thoughts! They help me a lot! Love you all!
sister leslie.
Elder Telford, Elder Wilkinson, Me and Sister Burt at Food for Thought,
one of the places we do service.

Sister Burt and I soaked through after running in the flash flood. 

A writing some kid wrote on the wall at Food for Thought. 

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