Monday, July 14, 2014

What A Week!

I really can't come up with anything more creative!! This week was a roller coaster, emotionally, missionary work-ly, and all. But it was fun, never a boring moment, as always!
This week, we did another exchange with the 3rd ward sisters, and I went to 3rd ward's area with Sister Edwards. We got a lot of walking in, and we got to make a hen basket with a returning-to-activity member, and we found Fenway Street! I was really excited about that, but Sister Edwards wasn't as pumped, I don't know why.... Haha but it was a really good exchange. We had the most hilarious dinner appointment with the member that night and it was one of those things I will never forget. It was soo funny. Gotta love those members that spice things up! On exchanges, Sister Miller was with Sister Burt in our area, and they found 4 new investigators!! We had tracted into the dad, Ambrose, the week I got here to Casper, and they were able to get in with him and teach him, his wife, and 2 of their children! It was so awesome to hear about!! We now have a family to work with, which is awesome because the gospel blesses families so much! So we were super pumped about that. That was just the start of the great rest of the week we had! Miracles do happen!!
We had a good meeting with the Watson's again this week, although they were a bit distracted this time again. It's a bit hard to teach them when they're super distracted, but you find ways to get past it and you move forward. They were at Church this week, which was awesome! The 15 year old, Sarah, was at Church, too, and I haven't seen her at Church ever since I've been here. SO that was really awesome.

Thursday morning, Sister Burt and I, and also Elder Telford and Elder Wilkinson, went an volunteered at the Senior Olympics: Mountain Biking section. It wasn't too exciting compared to LOTOJA, considering that the Senior Olympics only had like 12 riders, and LOTOJA has like 2,000, but it's all good. Out of those 12, there was a "Larry" (Dad, you'll know what I mean), which is a very intense awesome cyclist man who is 65 who could beat out all the other 30 year olds if it was a race. He was our favorite to watch, because he was awesome. There was also a man with a prosthetic leg, and that was cool to watch, too. He did great! So overall, it was okay. We just had to wake up at 5:30 as the race thing started at 6:30. An hour earlier makes a difference! Sister Burt and I spent our lunch hour sleeping. haha sometimes eating doesn't matter, it's sad to say.
A member randomly called us up this week and gave us a very solid referral, so this week we contacted her and she became a new investigator!! Her name is Linda, and she is going through a lot right now with a whole bunch of things. It was really cool to talk to her and feel like we could help her. The Gospel will help her immensely right now, and that's the best part about being a missionary, I think: Being able to watch the Gospel help people over the challenges, concerns and trials we all have in life. So we are really excited to start working with her!
We are continuing to work with the Winterton's and they are doing great! Every lesson we have with them in their home is so inspiring to me because they are so open and comfortable with us, which helps us know how we can help them. They are very sincere and they notice the loss of blessings in their life when they are not coming to Church, praying, reading their scriptures and keeping other commandments. it's awesome working with people that want to come back to Church and be active again and understand the blessings they will receive from doing so.
The Kler's are also super cool. I feel like I really connect with them and I can be bold with them because they know I love them and just want what's best for them. We get to teach them every week, going through the new member lessons, and it is really fun. I really enjoy it a lot.
We also found an investigator through tracting this week! Her name is Kenisha, and she has a lot of real intent. But because of her age, we handed her off to the YSA elders, and I think they will work well with her. The moral of the story is that when you work your hardest and do all you can, miracles happen!! So, it just motivated me all that more to go out tracting, because that's also how we found Ambrose and his family. So working hard works! It takes time, but you ALWAYS receive blessings. We found SIX new investigators this week! That has never happened to me before yet on my mission. It seriously just fills me with such joy that nothing can give but the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
So we have a bug problem in our apartment, so on Saturday we bug bombed it with indoor fogger stuff. It was quite intense!! We had to put all of our belongings and everything on top of our beds, desks and chairs and then cover them with a sheet to protect them and then we had to set off the foggers, let it sit for at least 2 hours, and then let it air out for about 4 hours. So most of our Saturday was spent watching our apartment air out. Not very exciting (but we couldn't leave it and let it air out because our apartment is a bit sketchy). But worth it, it killed a lot of the bugs!! YAY! But setting it off was seriously terrifying. We set off 3, and there was 2 of us, and if it gets on your skin or clothes, you have to call the Poison Control Center, so it was a bit nerve-racking, but we made it and it all worked out.
While tracting this week, we got invited into a home with week that had a yurt like thing floating above it (connected to the house only though a spiral staircase in the center of the yurt thing). She wasn't interested in our message, but her yurt thing was pretty cool! It had a gorgeous view!!

Yesterday at dinner, we were served the BIGGEST portion ever and I tried really hard, but I couldn't do it. I only made it about half before I felt like I was going to explode. But all that matters is I tried, right? I tried to channel my inner elder, but apparently my inner elder is a skinny, 10 year old boy. So that wasn't very effective.  Ahh well.
Thanks for the prayers! Keep reading Preach My Gospel! The Gospel is so SO true!!!
sister leslie.

Mini-golfing on Pday!!

Exchanges with Sister Edwards. :)

Bug bombing our apartment....gotta be safe so you don't get poisoned with the fumes!
me on Fenway Street...Go Sox!

Look, they have a floating yurt above their home! 10 points if you know what a yurt is!

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