Friday, August 23, 2013

Mission Call Opening -- May 25, 2013

"I am called to serve in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission! I am very excited. It wasn't what I was expecting at all, but I feel really peaceful about it. I know it's where I'm supposed to go. So no matter what anyone else says, I'm super excited to serve there. My mission covers all North and South Dakota, a corner of Wyoming and Iowa, a tiny piece of Montana and a slice of Minnesota. So pretty big. But it's beautiful there. I'm so excited! I am so grateful for my mission call and the chance I have to serve the Dakotians!"
--Journal entry, May 25, 2013

(I got my wisdom teeth out three days prior to opening my call, so that is why my face is all puffy and big.)

Opening the call...the pressure builds...

The South Dakota Rapid City Mission!

Checking out my mission boundaries

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