Sunday, August 25, 2013

Mission Farewell

Thanks to everyone that came out to support me today at my farewell! I appreciate all of you and all of your examples in my life! My family forgot to get a picture today, so that'll be posted later. Bwahaha.

My brother cut the other person out the picture...gotta love it

Aggie Pride!

College buddies!

Oh my love is Mill Hollow...

We struggle taking pictures...

Exhibit A

Exhibit B



She didn't want a picture with me....resistance was futile...

With my uncle and his fam

More dance friends!


Other wardies!

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  1. Sister Leslie! Okay, I'm in! I'm going to watch that movie AND read that discussion. What was it now...oh yeah, I remember... Anyway, love you so much. I'll get writing to you, too. Thank you for sharing your testimony!!