Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It's a bus, it's a train, it's.....a plane! (October 9, 2013)

Wow! So much traveling this week! But I'm getting ahead of myself.
Last P-day we went to the temple as a branch and it was amazing to go as missionaries! I miss the temple already!
Haha and I finally had a hard day. Last Thursday. All seemed hopeless and hard as I realized I was really leaving to South Dakota and all that, and teaching hadnt been going well. But after many prayers and a chocolate cake sent by my awesome cousin and a package from my parents, I made it! And I learned a lot about how to endure to the end and all that jazz.
If you have seen the District 1, Elder Christensen, an Elder in those videos, taught at in-filed orientation on Friday! He's now Brother Christensen, and my comp was freaking out. He's practically a celebrity, after all. She didn't want to wash her hands for a while after she shook his hand. Haha I miss her already.
So singing in the choir! Did you see me?! I was there! How crazy awesome! It was an amazing experience. When we got there, we were 1/2 hour late and we weren't in unison. We didnt have a lot of energy and we were tired. I was freaking out because I was 10 minutes away from home, but couldn't go home. But again, I made it. During dinner, I said a prayer that we would be able to have the Spirit with us and be unified together. And we were! How we performed in the broadcast was the most perfect we had ever sang it. It was also amazing to be there as a missionary and sing for the Prophet. He waved at us! I will never wave at anyone else ever again! Haha juuuust kdding. But seriously! 
Before I left, I got to get a priesthood blessing from Elder Child, an elder in my district. Can I just say the I love the Priesthood? It is so powerful and amazing! All you men, stay worthy of it!!
And man, I was the most loved person in my zone because I shared my cake with them (it was too rich to eat by myself). And it was sooo good! Thank you!!!
Now the fun part! After waking up at 3 am on Monday, getting on a bus, then a train, then TRAX (light rail), and finally a plane, I made it Rapid City. I'm here! Or, was there. There are lots of trees there, and the Black Hills were comforting because they reminded me of the mountains. My President is awesome, and so is his wife. I'm excited to work with them.  It was a bit tough for me that night because I realized my zone was all going to be split up and they're all so amazing. I miss them all, but I'm having a great time so far in my first area.
Right now, I am in Minot, North Dakota! (btw, it's a 10 hour drive from Rapid City to Minot. Not a super fun party in a crammed van) I will be here for the next 3 months. My trainer is Sister Jensen and we get along great so far! We live in an apartment above a members garage. It's a cute little 1 room apt (which means the kitchen, bedroom, living room and study area is all the same room) and a bathroom. It's very cold up there already. Joy to the world. But I'll get used to it.
Oh yeah! I forgot! I weighed myself at the mission home and I gained 2 pounds: 100.6 lbs! BAM! That's how we do!
I am serving in the Minot 1st Ward, which boundaries go all the way up to CANADA. Yep! It's HUGE! And church is from 3-6pm. THREE to SIX! What in the world?? There are many different denominations here of all kinds, it's crazy. So we have much to do! But I'm excited.
Last night I went on splits with the Sister Training Leader to teach a lesson and wow. It was hard. This couple wanted proof for every thing I said, and thought Sister Gordon was crazy from bringing me there on my first day in the real field. But somehow I made it. I didn't talk much, but I did bear my testimony and stuff. And now that the first lesson is over, I am more confident! We got a huge list of potential investigators, former investigators and investigators.
(my P-day is normally Mondays, just not this week. Just FYI).
Now, mail. I will give you my address but before that, please send all packages US Priority Mail. If you don't, then I may not get packages for up to 3 months, which would be sad. And when you write me letters, please write 'Sister Kirsten Leslie' so they know how to get it to me. You can write me through the Mission Home or directly to me, but either way keep the name the same. :) Alright, so my address is (and yes, the addresses are really weird here. So many streets and avenues to memorize!)
502 5th Ave SE
Minot, ND 58701
I know this is so lame and I'm sorry, but I don't have a way to upload pictures right now because I forgot my cord at the apartment. So expect a lot on Monday! I will send pictures of my comp, my old zone, Rapid City and Minot. 
(Oh, and tell Kaye and Chris that I had dinner with the Veasy's last night, they say they were close to Kaye and Chris when they lived here and will take good care of me)
I love you all so much! Sorry for the no pictures, I'll do better next time! I am happy and excited! Maybe a little bit overwhelmed, but hanging in there! My trainer is awesome! 
The work is working!
Sister Leslie

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  1. Sister Leslie, Sounds like you are having tons of fun. Yes, I did see you singing at the conference. I hope I wasn't too loud when I pointed you out to Tiffanie. We were in the chapel after all. I know you will do great on your mission! Just hang in there. The Lord will help you will all of your righteous desires.

    I read that talk about Christ you mentioned in your last post. I loved it. I am just finishing up on chapter two of Preach My Gospel. I appreciate the assignments because it gets me doing what I should be doing anyway. Keep them coming.

    Aunt Kathy