Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Teaching like a Banshee and other fantasmic adventures!

Can't believe i've been out two weeks in the field. It's Sister Jensen's and I's 2 week anniversary today. Ha. It's a precious moment. 

Last we talked, we had had fun experiences, but nothing really spiritual. Well, hope you're in for a surprise! This week will be great for you to hear about.

It all started last Tuesday when we were tracting. I was so discouraged and mad at myself because nothing was happening. Ever. And I hate(d) tracting. But as we were tracting this one particular street, we had the feeling to go knock on one more door. I slumped over there and Sister Jensen did the door approach. In this house we found Donna, a 70-something year old Catholic woman. She kindly let us in and we talked to her about the Plan of Salvation. She had her husband die a few years back of a stroke, and it was very hard on her. For some reason, the SPirit really spoke through me when we were there and it was way cool. Exactly what I needed, though a bit scary. I said some pretty bold things. I gave her a PLan of Salvation pamphlet and told her that this would help her in her life. We asked if we could rake her leaves and she said "Well I can't pay you!" And The SPirit through me said "No, but you could let us teach you a lesson." And Donna was like, "Oh yes! That'll be wonderful!" It was very cool. I didn't say them; the Lord did through me. I'd always wondered what that felt like. Let me tell you--it's awesome. We got a return appointment with her to come help her rake her leaves and I am so excited to go see her again! 

Remember the lesson I taught my first day in Minot to the guy who asked a lot of hard questions? Well, the other sisters taught him last week and he read 1 Nephi and prayed about it and told the sisters "I know that God is with the Mormons." WOOOHOOO! The Spirit really does soften hearts! 

We also got to teach Jartu this week, she's so ready to be baptized. We're working with her and Momoh and the Bishop to see what we can work out. But teaching her is always so great. The Lord truly does prepare people to hear the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ!

All who know me know that I don't like talking to people I don't know, especially about controversial subjects such as politics or religion. Well guess what? Tracting is both of those things! So it's been something I've been struggling with. But the Lord knows that and so gives me experiences to boost my faith. A few days ago we were tracting by the church before a dinner appointment (by the way, every single day this month except for tomorrow is filled with a dinner appointment. I never understood how if you walk all the time oon your mission, how you could gain weight. Well, let me tell you: Every member cooks like 10 different sides, a great main course, dessert and drinks. WHich is all so delicious! But eating that every night and then going to sleep a few hours later is a risky equation. Haha. SO I am learning the value of portion control. Woo!), and we knocked on a door of, you got it, another 70 something year old Catholic lady, this one named Bev. She also let us in and we talked about God's love for us and how faith enriches our lives. SHe showed us what a Catholic rosiary is (a necklace thing with beads that represent specific prayers I think), and we were able to share with her another Plan of Salvation pamphlet. We're going to go over from time to time to see how she's doing. Iknow the Lord is again telling me that if I will just exercise faith in him, good things will happen. So That's my goal for this next week.

 Attached is a picture of our truck, Helaman. He is very stripling, isn't he? This is the truck we share with the other sisters, so every other week we get him. Well, let me tell you 2 things. First, the elders are so insanely jealous of the fact that the sisters get the truck, and Second, getting into a truck in a pencil skirt is hard. But I have now perfected the technique. Let me explain: 1. Grab with your left hand the handle on the top of the roof of the car on the passenger side. 2. Place right hand on the fully opened door's ledge. 3. Jump up, putting all of your weight on your arms. 4. Swing your weight into the truck. 5. Let go and close the door. It's quite awesome. SIster Jensen always laughs at me. And then I laugh at her when she wears a pencil skirt. It's great. #girlprobs

So this week, I had my first experience that made me super homesick. we were going to a meeting with the Ward Mission Leader, and there was a dance going on in the cultural hall. The music that was playing was stuff I used to listen to, but I couldnt dance or anything and then I realized I didnt feel so awesome listening to it. I really struggled that wole night to not get distracted and sad. Gah. Not cool.

So a member out here told me that USU beat BYU and I was so excited!! But then I learned the terrible truth. And I am so sad about Chuckie. It happened because I wasnt there.

I got to see my first convert baptism on Saturday! It was sweet! The SPirit that was there was awesome and I loved it so much. If you ever get the chance to go to one, DO IT. 

This week, I learned that to be humble is to be teachable, not to beat yourself into the ground. I'm now applying it in my life--apply it in yours!

This next week, I will be studying Faith and Patience in Chapter 6: Christlike Attributes. Let these studies enrich your life as well!

Watch for missionary opportunities to come and then ACT on them! Missionaries can't do their job if the members don't do their part!

I love you all!
Sister Leslie

p.s. Weather update: Hasn't snowed yet, but we're hearing that this winter's going to be a bad one. Awesome. See attached pictures in the next email. :)
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