Wednesday, November 13, 2013

No Longer the Greenest Apple......

Last week, on P-day, all the Minot missionaries got together and played Apple Shmear, which is to take bad, older apples and play baseball with them, pretty much. Somehow we had a bat and everything. Apple bits were everywhere! Stuck in the fence, smashed into bits all over the lawn..haha it was funny. Until the cops showed up. I guess someone had filed a complaint that we were making a mess. Luckily, the cop was on our side and the elders weren't wearing their nametags to keep them clean, so the cop didn't know we were missionaries. Haha I never did such a crazy act before my mission. I guess why not in Minot, right? 

The highlight of the week happened on Tuesday. Remember our investigators Danielle and Anthony? Yeah, we got them on date! It was such a great lesson. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and it answered all of the many questions they had, especially Danielle. It was interesting, because the Spirit was so strong and their child Aiden was happily playing on the floor, when Danielle showed us a clip of the cartoon Dante's Inferno, which is something she was taught as a young Southern Baptist. In order to watch it, the children's parents had to sign a consent form, and having watched it I can now understand why. We only watched for about 3 minutes out of the hour and a half, but in that the Spirit totally left the room and Aiden started crying and I was terrified. To think that someone thought this was what happened after death was so humbling and sad to me. Even now when I think of that video, I get shaky and know that it is definitely NOT from the Lord. But the cool thing about it was, we were able to teach her that after death is a good place, full of light and joy, not a place of sorrow and darkness. She has 2 sisters waiting for her in the Celestial kingdom and it inspires her to be better, to make it up there. It was such a testimony builder for me of the Plan of Salvation. We taught them again on Friday, and they are so solid. The Spirit resides in their home and it's so cool to watch the Light of Christ come into their faces and help them grow closer together as a family. They're so excited that through the temple,  they can be a forever family. I love going over and getting to teach them. They are on date for December 14th.

This past Saturday, on the 9th, we had the opportunity to go to the temple. We spent from 8:45am-5:00pm traveling and in Bismarck all for a 2 hour time in the temple. So be grateful that you have one so close. We drove down with a super cute family in our ward, and after the temple went to lunch with them before returning home. Yes, the temple is very small. A session only holds about 40 people, 20 males and 20 females, and the Celestial Room only has seating for about 10 or 12 maybe. Super small. But it has the same spirit there as any of the other temples do. It hasn't been too long since I've been to the temple, but it will probably be a long time until I get to go again. We get to go ever 3 months if we are in the Bismarck Stake, so I don't know where I'll be in 3 months. We'll have to see. But it was so neat to be there with my companion and ward members. It was interesting, Satan tried really hard to give us a bad day and to make us angry after we left the temple. It almost worked. But it didn't. 

Exciting news!! When we get new missionaries up here in Minot tomorrow, a car is being brought! A CAR! Which means that yes indeed! Each set of missionaries in Minot will have their own car! BAM! It will be so much better, especially with it getting cold. Ahh, so great.

And as of today, I am no longer the greenest missionary in the field! There are now missionaries in the South Dakota Rapid City Mission that have been out less time than me! WOOHOO! Glory glory hallelujah! It is so exciting! I can't even believe it. This transfer has FLOWN so fast! I can only imagine how fast my mission will go by.

Look up 2 Nephi 31:20. Read it. Then read it again, but put the word 'almost' in front of all the phrases. It definitely gives the scripture a whole new meaning. 

Next week I'll have more time, sorry! Love you all! 

sister leslie.

Sis. Jensen and I at the Bismark, ND Temple

District Meeting
Minot District with Sis. Sellers (far right)


  1. Hi Sister Leslie, Thank you for your fun and inspiring letters! I read this one to Bekah and she laughed at all of the funny parts. We love you very much and know you'll be a successful missionary.

  2. Love reading these updates every week. Sounds like she's doing very well. Keep it up.