Monday, November 18, 2013

The Week of a Thousand Emotions

Of course the week I have so much to write I have not enough time. We're in Bismarck right now for Zone Conference with our mission president and so we only get like 40 minutes of email time.
Karen, Brian and their family are progressing a lot! Church attendance we're still working on, but it's a process. They havent been active for 10 years, so we need to help them feel comfortable in Church again. But they're awesome. 
On Tuesday, we were walking in a scarier part of town that was very much affected by the flood. The only way to get where we were going was to take this creepy staircase up to Broadway, the super busy main road there. There was like old caution tape on it and stuff. It was terrifying. I prayed before I went up it. Goodness gracious. What we do to get to appointments on time. That night when we were teaching Danielle and Anthony, we talked about Faith and in the lesson we asked Danielle if she would like a priesthood blessing because she was going through a lot. She said yes and we were able to get her one. It was great. Very nice. The Spirit was there so strong. 
Friday we had a lot of cool experiences. We talked to Danielle in the morning and heard that they were having financial problems, so we called Karen, the couponing Queen, and she was able to get Danielle 20 flats of baby food, tons of diaper, wipe, and formula coupons, shampoo, soap, razors--everything they would ever need. It was awesome. Karen loved helping out and Danielle was very grateful. We went and taught Donna that day, and it was cool because she gave us 2 of the most delicious pieces of Apple Crisp I've ever had. And she promised us that if we call a few days before we go over next time then she will make us a homemade pumpkin pie that we can take home with us! Aww, yeah! It's awesome. She's great. That night Danielle even ended up feeding us dinner. We were in a lesson and we got a text. When we got out of the lesson, we read it: "Hope y'all are hungry cause I made y'all some food." Haha it was great. We ended up having 2 dinners that night. It was a lot of food. But I wasn't hungry anymore! We're always starving by the time dinner comes along.
On Saturday, we got to teach Shakeitha and Justin again, the 2 we taught a couple Sundays ago that was an awesome lesson. They committed to be baptized, just not on a specific date. So we will keep working with them. But they're on the right path! They say they already know it's true and that ever since they met with us, everything is working out and going right for them. It's so cool to see. Also on this day, we went grocery shopping because we're in Bismarck today and didnt have any food. And while there, we bought a Christmas tree! A 2 foot, pre-lit light. It's cute. I'll keep it for my next Christmas on the mission. Boom, baby!
Sunday, yesterday, was one of the hardest days of my mission. Sister Jensen agrees. Danielle and Anthony are no longer on date, but we will still be teaching them. They just have a few things they need to work on before they can be baptized. As much as it breaks my heart, It's what needs to happen. But it's still very hard for us. Plus, over the course of this week, we lost 4 investigators. But this is the Lord's work and so He is with us! We will not fail here in Minot! 
Studying General Conference talks this week has been AMAZING! Study them! You can get so much more from reading it verses watching it. So get the Ensign and start highlighting!
Love you all! Have such a great week!
sister leslie.
Eating the cookies the Achievement Day girls made for us
the wild turkeys that you see all over Minot
...and the Noel family! Who we live with! (little baby Elenore was sleeping, so there you go). 
 from L to R: Me, Sister Jensen, Ruby (Snow White, 4), Violet (6) , Jaymie (mom), Ivy (12), Mark (dad) and Oliver (9).

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