Monday, December 16, 2013

Are You Spirit-led or Guilt-driv​en?

Such a busy week! They all fly by and then I forget how much actually happens, until I have to write most of it to all of you lovely people. So, hang on to your seats and enjoy the ride!
Last Monday, after p-day ended, we were busy. We had a dinner appointment, and then 3 appointments within an hour and a half. Which is very busy, in case you didn't know. We were getting in, teaching, then moving on. We were so in sync and teaching simply, clear, and directly. There was no other option. 
Tuesday was another day full of adventure. Sister Jensen was sick for the morning, but we had Sister Osburn with us from 3rd Ward from Sunday night til Tuesday night because Sister Saunders went to Mission Leadership Training in Rapid City with the Zone Leaders. So we did companion study together. We went to the Salvation Army as normal, and got an appointment with someone there for a teaching appointment! We had it on Saturday and it went really well. We also got to have dinner with a member family in our ward and Michelle (Salvation Army)and her husband. It was nice. We taught the Restoration as a dinner message and it was powerful. They both totally felt the Spirit. PLUS, we got to meet a referral that night that a member had given us on Sunday! The power of members, people! It was awesome. We hope to meet with her this week. The only bad thing about MLC (Mission Leadership Conference) is they get back at midnight, and we get to wait up for them. So that's always fun to wake up the next morning. But somehow we always make it. :)
Wednesday wasn't too exciting. We got blizzards at Dairy Queen. We went through the drive thru, so we didn't get to talk to the workers really, but still. We're going back today again. #becauseit'snotcoldenoughoutside We spent most of the day getting ready for our information booth at MSU we had on Thursday. We had to get a sign made, and a whole bunch of stuff like that. We got to help our dinner appointment deck out her living room in the Christmas spirit. It is the most festive room I've ever seen. I might need a picture of it. 
Thursday, the highlight was the MSU booth. Not a whole ton of people came up and talked to us, but we did give a Book of Mormon to someone (actually, he like grabbed it and asked, "Can I have this?" and of course we said yes. The only thing we knew about Mormons was that Mitt Romney is one. Super nice guy. We practically taught him the Restoration right there. We teach the Restoration a lot. Which is GREAT!) We were also able to find a less-active member. He doesn't know any members up here, and so it was a blessing that he found us and could get info on the church times here and the address of the church. Sister Jensen and I ate lunch in the cafeteria with us (which was super weird, to be around college kids again. Brought back a lot of memories.), and he joined us. It was very cool. That night, we got to eat at the Bishop's home, which is always great, and then we got to go visit Danielle and Anthony again. It went really well. We get to go meet with them again tonight!
Friday was Zone Training Meeting. Ahh man, it's always awesome. I am so glad I got to hear this one. It was all about involving members more and all that, which is so nice to study on as a missionary. Towards the end, Elder Stewart shared an experience in which he asked an inspired question: "Are you spirit-led or guilt-driven?" It hit me at that time that I had been a guilt-driven missionary this past week. Ever since we got sick, Sister Jensen and I have been fighting the laziness bug. Because we have been in so much, we have gotten used to being in a lot, and haven't liked it. So on Friday, we recommitted ourselves to be diligent and exactly obedient. It's not easy to push yourself, but totally worth it. 
Saturday we met with the man from the Salvation Army. It went really well! We have another appointment with him next Saturday, and we'll see him a couple times this week before then. We had 2 members with us, both YSA age, so he knows he has friends. Member present lessons are always so powerful. So.....the news you have all been waiting for! Drumroll, please! Sister Jensen and I are....................................staying together! Woohoo! We are so excited for this next transfer and grateful for the great opportunity we have to continue to learn from each other. We have also started getting the 12 Days of Christmas from someone in the ward. Our ward takes care of us for sure! We have a few Minot Moms and Minot Grandmas. This holiday season, I have a family away from home! It's so great that the church does that. :) 
And yesterday, Sunday. It started off like a regular Sunday, with ward choir (we got put in because we are missionaries, haha) and coordination meeting with the Elders and our Ward Mission Leader. We ate lunch, and then had a decision to make: finish 12 Week training or go out and try people before church? We decided to go try people, and be diligent, and even though no one was home, we still felt good, knowing that we were trying to find people, we were working our hardest. And then, at church, something awesome happened. After Gospel Principles, we were waiting for Relief Society to start, (and here's the background. Last week, Zack and Alyssa came to church. Zack's a member, Alyssa's not. They're coworkers and Zack invited Alyssa to come to church, and she came. She liked it a lot, so she came with him again yesterday) and Zack walked up to us and asked simply "Alyssa wants to know more about the Church. Can you teach her?" Obviously, we said yes and tried not to run over to her too fast. We set up an appointment with her and talked to her a bit. This probably would have happened anyway, but I know that members and nonmembers can tell when we are being obedient, diligent missionaries. After our dinner appointment, we finished 12 Week Training. I am now finished with the training! Now, starting tomorrow, we will be going out at 10am! We will be real missionaries! This will be my first time and Sister Jensen's first time not doing 12 Week. How crazy! So cool! I am graduated! I am officially Yellow, no longer a "Greenie" WOOHOO! 
And I just want you all to know, today it is 30 degrees ABOVE 0 today! that is SEVENTY degrees warmer than it was last week! The sun actually is giving off heat and we are feeling it! The tender mercies of the Lord, everyone!
Because it is the Christmas season, I would love for you all to take a few minutes and watch a few Mormon Messages. These are some of my favorites that are so good to get us in the Christmas mood. Tell me which one is your favorite! 
--The Reason Behind Christmas
--Enduring Love
--Earthly Father, Heavenly Father
--The Christmas Spirit
And, because of the Christmas season, I extend to you the Christmas Challenge. Read the Christmas Story in Luke 2. Then, get some paper and pens. Write on that paper with a pen something you can do better in this next year that will 1) bring you closer to the Savior, and 2) will stretch you to more fully reach your potential. When you have it written down, give it to the Lord on Christmas, and then do it. You feel come to feel more joy and meaning in your life. Will you do this? I am doing the same thing and it is helping me continually build my faith and be a better person. When you do this, let me know how it goes! I'd love to hear. :)
I love you all and hope you are taking advantage of the wonderful opportunities this season has to offer! Get involved in missionary work! It will make you happy!
sister leslie. 
Another picture with me and Helaman (our nice, big truck)
I have now graduated from the 12 Week Program. I now have the force. 
A picture with Morgan, the "SISSER MISHIMARIES!!" Girl. We're her big sisters. So adorable.
We were reenacting the Nativity of sorts with Sister Osburn, and I guess I had had too much sugar. Or being inside a lot had gotten to me. I don't know. 
Sister Jensen, Sister Osburn, and I. Sister Jensen and I match perfectly, but didn't plan it at all!
In fact, we didn't notice we matched until the night time! We do it a lot, actually.
Our minds are synched together. That happens when you're always around a person. 

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