Saturday, December 28, 2013

Deck The Halls With...Wait, It's Christmas??

Yep, 2 days everyone! This is insane! I don't have a ton of time to write today, but here are some highlights of the week.

Well, we now have a new vehicle. His name is Mo. (Short for Mohonrimoriantcumer) He's a 2014 DODGE Grand Caravan. Yep. We're now driving around a Swagger Wagon. It's...awesome? Yeah, it works out. I'll send a picture next week. It's taking some getting used to, it doesn't do as good on the roads as Helaman did, but we're surviving. We also got to help Faye, an 86 year old potential investigator set up her Christmas tree. She's a doll. Also sending a picture of her next week. 

Wednesday, we got to meet the new Sisters in our zone. They're in Williston (ND). We also got Elders in Crosby (like 3 miles from the border to Canada). So, our Zone now has like 14 sets of missionaries, I think? A good amount. We are doing a YSA Christmas Party tonight and so all the Minot missionaries are doing a skit for it. We practiced on Wednesday. We will hopefully video it tonight so you can see it eventually. 

Thursday, we drove around a lot. We went to MSU and set up flyers for the YSA (Young Single Adult) Christmas Party, had to do weekly planning, and we also talked to a few families. We went to the Salvation Army to help out and it was fun. like it is every time. And in the 12 days of Christmas, we got a Nativity set! We officially have a Nativity set! BAM! (picture next week as well)

Friday we woke up early (5:45) and went to help at the Salvation Army distribution day to help people get their Christmas presents they applied for. It was cool to get to help them out. We spent most of our day there. We had a whole bunch of appointments, which is always nice. 

Saturday we got to go to a Cello recital of a YW in our ward. It was fun! (Don't worry, we got permission from President). We got a referral from a member there and also a daily contact with the cello teacher! BAM! We made most of our weekly goals!! WOOHOO!
Sunday was another great day. 

Today is cold. (-30), which is NOT fun and I am also out of time so I promise to write more next week! I love you all!

sister leslie.

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