Monday, August 18, 2014

Did I Step Into A Time Warp?!

Such an exciting week! (They always are).

We have been planning for Zone Conference everyday this past week for 2 hours. It's on Thursday, and I literally feel like all we've done this week is plan for Zone Conference (which, by the way, is going to the BEST THING EVER), but in reality we've done so much more than that! This week, we got our highest number of lessons we've had all transfer, which is such a blessing, considering all the planning we did. 

But first off, CHRIS WAS BAPTIZED!! Oh man it was awesome!! One of the most spiritual baptisms I've ever been to in my life and on my mission! There was a good group of people there, about 30ish, but both the speakers were just powerhouses!! It made a big impact on everyone present, especially the investigators that missionaries brought and especially to Chris. It was great to see. She looked really happy!! It was an awesome experience. Filling up the font had some adventures with it, but we got all that figured out and had a great service with great participation! 

Jessica continues to progress. :) Our last lesson with her was a bit interesting and not how we wanted it, but we made it as we always do. We fasted for her yesterday and we know that things will work out as they need to, not necessarily how we want them to. It will be such a cool opportunity, because with Zone Conference this week, President and Sister Anderson will be here!!!! Sister Anderson will actually be coming to an appointment with us to visit Jessica, and I think that will be very powerful. Everyone loves Sister Anderson! It can't be any other way! So that will be awesome!! We are PUMPED!!

 About the time warp, today is my 11 month mark and I am still trying to figure out where all the time has gone! So I will never be talking about how long I have been out ever again!! So from now on, you can count it on your own. :) 

Something big I have learned while I have been here in Casper is the necessity for obedience and the miracles that come from it. There are a lot of disobedient missionaries in this zone, and now being in the zone leadership, I recognize it a lot more and notice how I am being watched much closer than I was previously. I am striving really hard to be exactly obedient in everything I am doing, because I need the blessings and personal satisfaction that comes from that. So that has been something really great for me to learn! And not just how obedience in missionary work is needed, but obedience to God's commandments, to our living-day prophet, and to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. It's not happening all at once, for sure, but it is coming and it will continue to move forward as I work on it!

I also got the compliment from a family this week that Sister Woodbury and I are their favorite missionaries and they will be SO sad when we leave. I don't want to be prideful or anything, but it does feel good to know that you connect with people and you really are sent to specific missions and cities within that mission for a purpose. It helps me a lot to know that. I like feeling needed. :) 

Our health food challenge continues to go great! Sister Woodbury used to work at Jamba Juice, so she makes SUPER good green smoothies that are nice and smooth, with no chunks (Smoothies should never have chunks! That's why they're called "smoothies") 

So the pictures. Last P Day, we went on a hike up Casper Mountain to go through a cave! It was so fun!! But we got so dirty and wet and it was cold. And slippery, which was sometimes scary. But it was awesome. You all would have been proud of me, I conquered some fears and went into some deep crevices and stuff to stay with my companion and I didn't die!!! WOOHOO! It was awesome. So yay for being adventurous!

I can't think of anything else noteworthy to write about, so I hope you all have a great week! I LOVE YOU ALL!!! 
sister leslie.

p.s. Sorry my emails have progressingly gotten shorter as I have been out longer...I guess I have a thicker skin or something. I'll work on it!

Us with Chris in her white ready to be baptized!!
Sister Woodbury and I at the hike.....rival schools....

A group of us after the cave....all dirty. 

The Zone Leaders and I: L to R, Elder Parrish, Me, Elder Edwards. They are both VERY tall.
 (And that's our awesome red truck)

Me, Sister Woodbury and Elder Telford. We were matching!    

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