Monday, August 11, 2014

Haircuts, Hospitals and Horchata

Gooooood morning! It's been a fun week, so be prepared for an uplifting letter!!

To address the first one: haircuts. Sister Woodbury and I both got haircuts this week. I was getting really bored with my hair, so I decided to go crazy and get bangs again, so that is fun! Every once in a while, you just gotta go crazy. Sister Woodbury got bangs, too. (Yeah, we have companionship unity). We also went to a chiropracter on Monday, and that was GREAT! I hadn't been adjusted in almost a year, so it felt nice. (And a member did it for free! There are many perks of being a missionary.) 

As for the second thing: Hospitals. We do weekly service at Joshua's Storehouse, a food pantry, and a woman who volunteers there, Mindy, has recently gotten very sick and has been at the hospital. In fact, her parents were told to prepare for the worst. Last Tuesday, Sister Woodbury and I went with the elders to visit her, and the elders gave her a Priesthood blessing. Prior to that blessing, Mindy's vitals had been dropping. In the blessing, Mindy was promised a speedy and full recovery, because her work on this earth is not done yet. Ever since that blessing, her vitals have been increasing and building and she is getting much healthier! It has again strengthened my testimony that the Priesthood works!! It is literally God's power on the earth. Another miracle has been performed by the authority of the Priesthood, and I had the opportunity to witness it. Incredible. 

So again, all you young men out there who hold the Priesthood: LIVE WORTHY OF IT! It is what you are expected to do, and it is what you need to do. All of us sisters can't hold the Priesthood, but you can. So hold it well. 

And for horchata....this week, we had another one of those days where both Sister Woodbury and I were unmotivated to work hard, and things kept falling apart, so at the end of the night, we decided to go get horchata's to make us feel better. Well, I was angry, so I was speaking so fast, so at the drive thru, I kept asking for 2 horchata's, and they would respond with "One?" And I would say, "No, 2." But it didn't work. So finally I just got the one and gave it to Sister Woodbury. I don't have any other reason for telling you this story beside the fact that "Horchata" fit nicely in the title. But there you go: Sister missionaries get frustrated too!

Jessica is AWESOME! She is so solid! We taught her again this week, and this time her boyfriend, Jonas (who is an active member), was able to be there, so that was great and very powerful. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and she took it all in very well. It is so different to be able to teach the first 3 lessons in only 3 visits! That usually is not the case, but it is sometimes. Teaching her fills me with such joy! She also came to church this week, and she loved it! She got right in there with the girls, and she totally fits in. She is so ready to accept the fullness of the gospel!

Chris is getting baptized this Saturday!! She is doing awesome and it is going to be such a special day! I am so excited to be able to be here and support her during this time. :) I haven't had the opportunity to teach her a whole bunch, but I know she has a testimony and she is ready. So that will be great! 

We went on exchanges this week, and I was with Sister Boudreaux. She came out with Sister Jensen, and both are SOLID! I hope that when I get to that same point in my mission, I can be as solid as they are. :) Our exchange went really well. We were able to meet with the Winterton's again, ad that was really fun. They were at Church this week!!! We didn't even push the subject at all, so it was such a nice surprise. :) The kids did so well! I think it was a good experience, so they will come again. Which is GREAT! And next time, we're going to work with them on coming for all 3 hours instead of just the first one. So. It's a work in progress, but it is progressing! 

We have been meeting with the Zone Leaders a lot this week in preparation for Zone Conference, and it is coming along great! I am SO excited!!! All 6 sisters in this zone are also doing a musical number, so we have been practicing a lot for that as well. We're going to record our performance, so you can hear it! It's gonna be good! 

Dad, The Kler's think you are pretty cool. You should convince them to come visit Utah. :)

Hmmm....other exciting stories. I can't think of any more, unfortunately. SO I guess that's a wrap! 

I love you all! Keep doing missionary work! :)
sister leslie.

p.s. Sorry it's so short this week! :(

Our new haircuts!!

Sister Boudreaux and I on exchanges!

See the rainbow?

The awkward selfie of my hair...

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