Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Did Ya Miss Me?

Monday Holidays are always so weird! They're the hardest to stay focused on because it feels like it should be a P-day. But! We made it through, even though it was weird. Sister Bentley, Sister Woodbury and I weren't able to get any lessons in or contacts in or anything, but it was great because the 3 of us really bonded as we were cleaning our old apartment, organizing our new one, and finishing weekly planning. These 2 sisters are seriously awesome and I love them a lot. They are helping me to grow, and I feel like in a small measure I am helping them as well. So life is good.
So moving: WE MOVED! Finally! Glory glory HALLELUJAH! I forgot to take pictures of the new place, so they're coming next week, but know that our new place is WAY nicer than the old place. A lot smaller, but we like it. It's cozy. And we get to have bunk beds again, which brings us back to our childhood memories. I get the top bunk, which is fun. It's very squeaky, but I like it a lot. It feels like a fun sleepover all the time! So a lot of what we did this week involved packing up the gross old place, cleaning the new place, moving into the new place and then cleaning the old place. Yuck! But it was fun and the Zone Leaders helped us move, which came in handy because they are very tall, and let's be honest, a lot stronger than we are too. So that was fun! But we're in, and this new place has some quirks of it's own: We have a full kitchen, but no oven, and we have a really nice bathroom with no door. So....good thing we like each other, right? haha we are going to buy a curtain today to help solve the latter problem a little bit. Oh man....quite the adventure!! But all's well that ends well. We now have a washer and dryer, and that is AWESOME!! :)
Jessica is the sweetest person ever! She is feeding us dinner tonight and then we are eating with her and she is buying me a birthday present, along with Sister Woodbury (since hers is just a month after mine). She's so cute! We also had transfer calls this weekend, and she told us that when we leave she's giving us care packages. :) She makes us feel so happy and loved!! We just love her to pieces. She's still on date for September 13th, and she might even be getting baptized at Martin's Cove!!!!!! How LEGIT would that be?? We are so excited for her and know that she is making the right decision. :)
Another cool experience we had this week is we attended a baptism for the Spanish group, which meant that the entire thing was in Spanish. We used Spanish hymnals and everything! I didn't understand anything pretty much, but the Spirit was so strong there and the man who was baptized was SO happy! So it was all worth it. I love going to foreign language baptisms!!
We've had a couple days this week where we have had double dinner appointments, and let me tell you, it is HARD! For the 3 of us, small as we are, it's a real challenge. But somehow we've made it, even though we've probably gained a little weight along the way....dang it! #missionarylife
Sister Bentley had an investigator get baptized this week in SLC, UT and then she came back up Sunday night and got confirmed. It was so cool!! After her confirmation, she just thanked the bishop who gave it and said how much she needed to hear all of the things that were said in the blessing. That NEVER ceases to amaze me, how when a priesthood blessing is given, it's NOT the priesthood holder who is speaking, it's Heavenly Father. I know it to be true and it's so powerful!!
But I attached some fun pictures form last P Day, the Eggingtons and Ken and Betty's one. It was fun!! Eggingtons is right here by the library, and it is so fun. Very artsy (similar to Boogaloos in San Fran, but the food isn't like organic or anything). I got Eggs Benedict since I haven't had it in a LONG time and I won't be home for this Christmas Eve breakfast either. And yes, it was delicious. Ken and Betty's has very good ice cream, so that was fun. Although we ate it in the car and I am a klutz so I got it all over my skirt, the car, and Sister Bentley's bag. How have I made it almost 20 years of life? I don't really know. But somehow I keep moving forward. :)
Sister Woodbury is just so cute!! She is so funny and such a good teacher and so genuine and so AWESOME! I am so glad that I get to spend at least another transfer with her, maybe even 2 more! I don't know! We'll have to see! Either way, I'm grateful for the time I have to be with her. :)
We are now channeling our inner Young Women and we started Personal Progress this week! I want to see how far I can get before I go home, and Sister Woodbury wants to finish it before she goes home, so we started it. We're also going to be doing it with a less active starting this week. So that's fun! I miss young women!! So we are really pumped about that. :)

Lastly, transfers. Sister Bentley will be TRAINING this transfer!! We are so excited for her!! Sister Woodbury and I will be sticking together, Elder Wilkinson left (sad face) to go be a Zone Leader in Rapid City, so I will get to see him next week for Mission leadership Council!! Elder Telford is staying here. In our whole zone, we are going to have SEVEN new missionaries!! 5 brand new ones coming form the MTC (they'll be here tomorrow), plus the 2 we have already in training. How cool! I love being around new missionaries. :)
I want to write more, but nothing else happened! So I guess that's a wrap! I love you ALL and I will write next Wednesday!! Have a great week!
sister leslie.
me, S. Woodbury and S. Bentley after eating at the delicious Eggingtons!

The 3 of us again on the same day getting delicious ice cream!!

My beautiful district! Top L to R: Elder Emmett, E. Lougy, E. Wilkinson, E. Parrish, E. Edwards, E. Telford. Front: S. Edwards, S. Mower, Me, S. Woodbury

me in the attic of our new place preparing it for the bug bomb

getting creative to clean the fan. :)

Elder Parrish, Me, and Elder Edwards. It's an inside joke what we're,
but also E. Edwards and I matched. :)

The 6 4th ward missionaries (both sets are in trios right now!):
Elder Schneringer, E. Price, E. Jugler, S. Woodbury, Me, S. Bentley

Our bowls were dirty so we ate our mac and cheese in a cup.

the 4 of us for the last time. E. Wilkinson got transferred to Rapid City being a Zone Leader.

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