Monday, September 15, 2014

Zone Training Meeting, Martin's Cove and Seminary

Hello again! I feel like I just emailed not too long ago, because it wasn't very long ago, but know that I don have SOME stuff to share. We've had some good times.
So for the rest of my birthday on Wednesday, we planned for Zone Training Meeting, ate dinner with a part member family and had a Sister Training Leader call with Sister Bentley and Sister Curley. SO it was a great day! A normal missionary day, but as I am a missionary, it was perfect! Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!
Zone Training Meeting planning was CRAZY! We did a couple hours on Wednesday, like 7 hours on Thursday, and I was up until 11:15 on Thursday finishing the 2 trainings that I was doing by myself. I did a sisters meeting before ZTM about the oath and covenant of the priesthood, and how we as sisters can help elders uphold the priesthood, which ended up being really awesome. My other training was on "Just a job or a special calling" talking about how we can change our view as missionaries to view our missions as a special calling. I loved both of them and learning more about both of the subjects! It was still stressful planning for these and executing them, but I was given these topics last week at Mission Leadership Council, which made it nice that I could just highlight parts of the training I was given. Does that make sense? Last week, I was given the trainings I would give, then I prepared them and gave them to the zone on Friday. The Zone Leaders and I did one all together about the doctrine of the sacrament and keeping the sabbath day holy, which was really fun. But we ran out of time and only had 30 minutes instead of 60+ to give it! But it all works out in the end. I survived!
Martin's Cove on Saturday was AMAZING! We went with Brother and Sister Kler, Sister Slocum, and Jessica. It was so fun! There was also like a regional YSA activity, so we got to be with them as well (which was weird, because Sister Woodbury and I were wearing jeans to hike in and it almost felt like normal life. But we were both so uncomfortable in our jeans! As soon as we got our skirts back on, we felt normal again. haha) We were able to hike to Martin's Cove and back (while even encountering a sandy hill and making it with just a BIT of help), witness a baptism there in the Sweetwater River, have lesson on the banks of the Sweetwater River, get blacksmith shop nail rings and get a picture with Independence Rock.  We weren't able to actually walk up to Independence rock due to time, but I did get to see it. It again deepened my gratitude for the handcart pioneers and all they did for their faith in Jesus Christ!
We have a seminary teacher in our ward, Sister Flanigan, and she is having us help her teach Seminary tomorrow! We get to help teach about the Restoration, which is our very favorite things to talk about. We are SO excited! We went over last night and got the lesson and have spent some time preparing so that we can be vessels for the Spirit tomorrow to help the youth understand the importance of this great event. I am so PUMPED! It's going to be a great morning! I love seminary! So Tyler, I know you just started seminary, so we can go together kinda tomorrow! Start working on JSH 1:15-20 for Scripture Mastery and reading the Doctrine and Covenants! You want to be able to graduate from seminary! If it'll help, I'll memorize that scripture right along with you. :)
Jessica is still doing awesome!! But she is now getting baptized at the church next Friday due to conflicting schedules of everyone. It will all work out! We continue to fast and pray for her, so the Lord's will will be done. :)

Okay, so this is pretty short, but I have a lot of pictures! Those are the most noteworthy things that have happened since Wednesday. :)
love you all!
sister leslie.
A note I received from Sister Edwards and Sister Mower on my birthday

The first SNOW of the year! No good.

Sister Woodbury and I matched on ZTM day...aww!

Sister Woodbury, Jessica and I at Martin's Cove

We pulled our handcart the whole way, up a sandy hill and everything!

We also got matching nail rings (called Prairie Diamonds) from the blacksmith shop

Our one brief moment at Independence Rock. The wind was turning Sister Woodbury's
skirt into a parachute, so we were all laughing.

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