Monday, December 8, 2014

Does Winter Exist in Casper? Not That I've Seen!

I was reading my journal entries from a year ago, and last December 7th it was -40 in Minot and we had to stay inside all day! THIS December 7th, it was 45 in the positive!! What?? It's only snowed like 3 times and everyone was warning us of the "bad Wyoming winters" HA!! I'll believe it when I see it, but so far this is April weather!! 

This week, as you know, we had a lot of planning and such. Zone Training Meeting went as well as could be expected in our zone, although there was a bit of contention. But when you get 30 20-year-olds in a room, what do you expect? So ZTM was really good! The training that I gave was on the dignity of our calling as missionaries, and I think it went pretty well. It was a really bold training about getting out of "high school mode" (flirting, casual language, sarcasm, and inappropriately casual clothing and hairstyle), and it was nice to be able to relay that information straight from Sister Anderson so we could set up clear standards about what is okay and what is NOT okay for missionaries to be participating in. So all's well that ends well!! 

Sister Woodbury and I have been getting into He is the Gift!! It is powerful!! Remember, it is NOT enough for you to just share the video with your friends and help them feel good inside! NOPE! It is here to give you a segway in inviting them to have the missionaries in their home for Christmas to share the Christmas story and then segway into an invitation to learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! So get on it!! Family, you especially!! Sister Woodbury and I have been passing out cards to everyone!! On Friday, we went through the Wendy's drive thru to get some Frosty's and we gave a He Is The Gift pass along card to the lady we gave our money to! Bawm!! Every time you talk to ANYONE, it is an opportunity to share a card with them! So again, get on it! And of course, I say that in the nicest, happiest way possible! I'm not asking you to do anything I'm not doing myself, remember that! :)

Pete is SO awesome!! We have now set up the expectation with him to meet with him 3 times a week, so that is awesome! He is doing so well and every time we meet with him and ask him about his Book of Mormon reading, (keep in mind there's like one day in between our lessons) he;s so modest and is like "I didn't read as much as I should have....I only read 10 pages!!" Haha he is so cool! He was at church this week and stayed for all 3 hours! He is progressing so well towards January 3 as his baptismal date!! bawm!

Tracy was also at church yesterday as well as the First Presidency's Christmas Devotional. There were like 10 people who watched it at the Stake Center: lame!! I bet in Utah and Arizona, there was a whole BUNCH of people watching it at the church. Everyone in Casper apparently "watched it from home on byuTV". Hmm. Well, the bottom line is, it was really good! I was really hoping President Monson would speak, so was Tracy, but that's alright! All the speakers did a great job! 

We started meeting with this other less active, Brother Byrd this week also and he is super cool! He has a really strong testimony and served a mission and everything. We really clicked with him, so much so that he came to church this week, which was his first time in over 6 months! The ward kept coming up to us and thanking us, when in reality we didn't do anything except for invite. So that was really really cool!!! 

Sorry this email is short and boring, but we Christmas presents to buy and cheer to spread!

Love you!
sister leslie.

we didn't take any this week......lame, I know. Sorry!

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