Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Short But Sweet

Hey everyone!  I don't have a lot of time to write today, but I will do my very bestest!! 

First off, Thanksgiving. We had THREE dinners!!! It was crazy! So what happened was, transfers were last week and there was a HUGE storm so the new missionaries couldn't get to the mission, they were stuck in Denver!! So we had Sister Curley an extra day because transfers were delayed. So that was fun! So we had our 2 dinners and she had her 1, so we had three! And man, it was so hard!! The first one was normal, the second was hard because it was less than an hour later and the third one was just torture. I will NEVER do that again, haha! And over the course of the week, I have had 3 more Thanksgiving dinners! We had one on Saturday with the Abrahamson's (becuase Bro. Abrahamson was working on Thursday so they invited us over on Saturday), our dinner appointment on Sunday was Thanksgiving food, and at MLC (mission leadership council) on Monday, that's what we had. So I am good on Thanksgiving food for at least a year. Except I still miss Grandma Tolman's jello. Haha. So yeah, needless to say when we got home on Thursday we put our sweats on and curled up into a ball. I didn't eat the next day, Friday, until like 3pm because I just couldn't bring myself to do it! So yeah, that was crazy!!

We have our Christmas decorations up but I forgot to take a picture of them so I will send that on Monday. Sorry about that.

Oh yeah, and Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, we got to help Salvation Army serve their Thanksgiving dinner to the community, and that was cool. Haha at first, we were handing out drinks to people, and we had cranberry juice, coffee (i know, we had to ask people if they wanted coffee!! Yikes!) and water. Sister Woodbury went up and asked a specific man what we wanted to drink and he replied, "I just want to drink in your beauty." BAHAHA! Sister Woodbury laughed awkwardly and replied, "well all we have is juice, coffee or water." Haha it was so funny. People in Casper are crazy. And then on Saturday when we were helping out at the Sandwich Ministry, he came in and gave us hugs! HUGS!! eew! Sister Woodbury was REALLY freaked out, and rightly so. It's a terrifying experience to get hugged by a creepy old man when you're not used to getting hugs from anyone else besides small sister missionaries, haha. 

Pete is doing so good!! He has read up through 1 Nephi 14 and is on date still and he is going strong!! We love working with him! Tracy also is doing great and they will BOTH be there on Sunday, which is awesome!! I missed both of their last lessons as I was at MLC, but they are doing great and I am so happy to be able to work with them!! 

MLC was AMAZING, as always!! I got to stay at the mission home Monday night, which was so fun and nostalgic of my first night there. It's weird to think about how long ago that was! Haha when all the new missionaries ask me how long Ive been out, they just get this big eye-d expression like they can't imagine ever getting to transfer 11 of their mission. Haha, and I understand because I've been there! Oh yes I have. But I like being able to help out all the missionaries though, and especially being a Sister Training Leader, being able to help the sisters know that it will all work out and they WILL make it! I love being able to do that. At MLC, we talked a lot about He is the Gift, which is a video that was put out by the Church last week for Christmas. If you haven't watched it, you MUST go watch it now!! Here's the link:

Okay good! The church is doing all sorts of things to get this video out there to help people! So, in this month's Ensign, there is a pamphlet containing 9 He is the Gift pass along cards. So, family, you have no excuse not to missionary work with this great tool!! Your Christmas present to me will be to give out all 9 of those cards by Christmas, all to non-members! You know 9 people, I have no doubt. With ONE of those people (and pray about this person), I want you to invite them into your home to watch it with you and have the missionaries over. This initiative is powerful and it can bring SO many people to Christ and His restored gospel. So get workin' on that!! NOTHING done out of love will EVER be offensive!! I'll be following up with you! And if it's not done by Christmas day when we skype, then you better have your friend over right then and I'll teach them. Haha just kidding. But seriously!! You know 1 person/family you could have over to share He is the Gift with!! You have the missionaries' number, so call 'em up!! Search out! There are so many good tools and ways to help your friends come closer to Christ. So take a second and search it out!! I love you family and I KNOW you can do this!! (Okay, and this goes for EVERYONE, not just my family!! So get on it!! But family, seriously I'm excited for you to do this!!!!!) 

And that's most of it!! I love you all and want you to have fun sharing He is the Gift!!!!!

Go share it! NOW!
sister leslie.

First snow picture of the season!

Thanksgiving Dinner #1: the Taylor Family (our ward)

Dinner # 2: the Purnell Family (Sister Curley's Ward)

Me, Sister Woodbury and Sister Curley in our cute trio....
(with Elder Abarca and Elder Ramkissoon photo bombing)

Dinner #3: The Brown Family.( our ward), holding our Gosner milk (from Logan, UT)
that their son gave us! GO AGGIES! :)

Cristy Robinson and I 
(my Dad was in college and worked at the same company with her.  She now lives in Rapid City)

Casper Zone Leadership with President and Sister Anderson! 
(Elder Johnson and then Elder Noble, then me)

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