Tuesday, January 6, 2015


Wow, what! A ! Week! It was crazy, with adventure at every turn!! 

Well, first off, transfer calls came and I am now in Belle Fourche, SD! (Pronounced "bell foosh) I was told that my companion was SIster Pierce, SIster Woodbury's MTC companion, but it turns out that they messed up on that call and my real companion is SIster Barrett! So that was a bit crazy! I didn't find out until SIster Barrett came to get me. Haha it really threw me for a loop. But! i made it here safely and it is TINY! 5,500 people! We are the only missionaries here in the town (city? I don't know), which is very different. Sister Barrett is from Eagle MOuntain, UT and has been out for 4 months! SO we are very much on opposite ends of the spectrum! weird! Our apartment is really big though--we even have a real bathroom door now! woohoo! And our own washer and dryer, which is AWESOME! SO yeah! It's going to be a great transfer! We are still in a ward here, it covers Spearfish, Belle and a whole bunch of tiny places. We even have permission to teach an investigator who lives in Montana!! SO it's going to be a new adventure here. I'm getting pretty excited. 

SIster Williamson and I had a great exchange this week! We got 3 member presents in 1 day!! It's been a long time since I've had that happen. haha. But it was great! Pete, Tracy and Brooklyn all had solid lessons and we were able to make great progress with all of them and have really spiritual lessons! I love SIster Williamson a lot and had a lot of fun with her! :) 

We also had the BEST D-day EVER last week!! Sister Woodbury and I went with 6th ward sisters to a place called Pottery By You and made SDRCM mugs!! Oh yeah!! Unfortunately, they weren't done and all glazed until today so Sister Woodbury is going to mail it to me and then I'll have a super snazzy mug! I'm pretty proud of it. :) 

Danette and Shyanne are doing well, Shyanne better than her mom. A lot more of our lessons have been falling through lately, which is so sad because Shyanne would let us come over every day if she could! SHe is so eager to learn more and she loves reading in the Book of Mormon! SHe's such a bright 9 year old. SO I hope with the new sister loves them as much as I do. :) The work is doing great in Casper. 

We went to a super awkward New Years EVe dinner with a less active family, so those are always fun. Only the grandma and one of their daughters, Destiny, paid any attention to us and the rest of the family/friends looked at us like we had the plague, haha! it's going to be SO weird going home and not getting stared at weird!! I won't know what to do with myself! haha you laugh, but it's the truth! 

Saying goodbye to the people in Casper was probably the hardest thing I've ever had to do, silly enough. I was an emotional WRECK for a few days, just ask Sister Woodbury! Saying goodbye to Pete, Tracy and some of the awesome families we have in the ward just broke my little heart! I LOVE them all so much and I told them I'll be back in June, so I gotta live up to that and go back! It's not that far from Bountiful, so it should be so possible!! I love Casper and the people there and the work is really picking up. Most of all, I especially love my ward. The members there are AMAZING and they are doing a great job hastening the Lord's work!! I am proud to have served with them. 

We had a couple crazy days right before I left. SIster Woodbury got food poisoning from a sketchy Mexican place, Pancho's, so she was down most of that day. It was so sad because we had gone there as our last big hoorah and it just bombed. :(  haha it was so sad.....but it did give me some time to catch up on a few things....I packed a bit more and actually caught up in my journal which was AWESOME! But not great that she was sick. Not great at all. And THEN!  Saturday night, we go to sleep, and I wake up in the middle of the night and think, "I am absolutely freezing!" I thought maybe I was just crazy, but then we wake up and find the thermostat says 45 degrees! Our heater broke, and so our house was terribly cold! We put on our big winter coats, first time of the year no less, and had the Zone Leaders come and fix it for us. We were too cold to do our hair and make-up in there, so we tried the car but it was so cold in there too. Ugh! We ended up just asking the Nicholls if we could go over there and get ready for the day, because it was too cold in our house. So we got ready over there, which they thought was pretty funny. It's not every day you see a couple of sister missionaries on your doorstep looking like a nasty-ratchet mess! Haha don't worry, we got the heater fixed now, and it has warmed up a little bit. This week we dipped down into the negatives frequently and that was annoying. 

SO that's pretty much the recap! I love you all and am grateful for everything that you do for me! 
sister leslie.
Me and SIster Williamson on exchanges!


The biggest horchata cups I have ever seen. What would you call that? Mucho Grande?

Us and the Klers

Us, Tracy and her daughter, Rayna

Us and the Winns

Casper Zone SIsters before transfers!

Our last companionship picture

Driving on the transfer train! Back row L to R: E. Beazer, E. Bench, E. Telford, middle row E.Juarez and S. Curley, front, S. Mower, S. Stebbing (also trained by Sister Jensen), me Super front, Elder Ashby 

Me and SIster Barrett, my new actual companion

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