Monday, January 12, 2015


That pretty much sums up my week! It's been a culture shock for sure! Belle is TIIINY! I have learned from this that I am NOT made out for small town living, so after this portion working here in Belle, I'm not ever going to live in a place this small. Nope! Not gonna! But it's a good experience while I'm here to soak it all in, so I'm trying really hard to like it here, ha,ha. The ward members are nice and that makes a big difference. 

This week I got back in the swing of tracting a little bit, which is good. Just different than it has been for a while! It's harder to tract here because a lot of people don't like the Church, so people aren't always super nice to us when we knock on their door. So that makes it a bit harder to get motivated to go out and do the work, but we are still getting out there are doing it! Our teaching pool is pretty small and so we need to go tracting a lot to build it. It's been a big change coming here for me because none of the investigators we do have are progressing very fast at allor keeping their commitments, so we're becoming more bold with those we are teaching and working on finding more. We have some good potentials for this week, so we are excited to start teaching them. I hope we can get in with all of them!!! 

Our most progressing investigator is Bill. He's in his 50s and wants to build his relationship with Jesus Christ, which is a great start!! We had a great Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson with him yesterday and it went well! He's on date for March 14 (which is a month later than we were going for, but he is willing to commit to that date so we'll take it!), so we are excited for him. We know he'll be ready by then. 

One of our other investigators is Bobbi and her daughter, Krystal. They are slowly moving forward and we are excited to continue working with her. She had a bad experience with Church members down in Utah, so baptism is a ways off for her, but she really likes us coming over and is open to us teaching her, so we will just keep doing that!! 

A fun fact about our Belle Fourche Meetinghouse is that is was the first one President Monson ever dedicated!! How cool! Apparently, Belle used to be quite the hoppin' place due to the sugar beet business that was here. But when all that moved to Rapid and elsewhere, the congregation here got much smaller. So that was some fun info! 

Our district here is really fun. There's just 3 companionships, which is smaller than any district I've had. We have us in Belle, Elder Powell and Elder Bell in Spearfish (they also share a ward with us), and Elder Emmett (our District Leader) and Elder Dudley, who are in Sturgis. SO it's fun! We can all get pretty close (for missionaries, anyway) since there's not a lot of us. 

We've had some fun adventures this week, though, even though it was short: we got cussed out, told some anti doctrine, we had a wasp in our house and also a million fruit flies, and we talked to a crazy drunk lady who asked us for cigarettes and then for us to come by and teach her so we could save her. Yep! It's been quite the party!! 

Other than that, not much has been going on. I found out Sister Barrett is number 8 of 10 kids and from Eagle Mountain, UT and has been out for 4 months. SO it's quite the change from being with Sister Woodbury, but still awesome!

The other exciting news of the week is that I got to see Sister Woodbury again today!!! She is going to MLC today and so they were driving to Rapid, and we happen to go shopping at the Walmart in Spearfish, which is right off of the freeway, so they stopped today and gave me some stuff I left in Casper and we were able to talk for a whole hour!! It was awesome! It was just the closure I needed to be able to effectively move forward. I've missed her a ton this week and so it was a huge help to me to be able to see her again!! 

This is what we got from our mission president this week, check this out!!!

"Dear Elders and Sisters,
We are pleased to announce changes that will occur to our mission on or before July 1 2015. First, as scheduled, there will be a change of mission president. The new mission president and wife replacing Sister Anderson and me will be President Michael J. and Danece Hess. They currently live in Malad, ID. Second, the mission headquarters will be moved to Bismarck ND on or before July 1st. Third, the boundaries of our mission will be changed. The decision by the brethren to make these changes is driven by several factors. There is significant growth in the Northwest portion of the South Dakota Rapid City Mission. It is the largest geographic mission in the continental US. The boundaries of the mission will be changed to reduce the overall size and make it easier to administer. The new boundaries will align with the boundaries of the Bismarck ND temple district. This means that the South Dakota Sioux Falls Stake will become part of the Nebraska Omaha Mission, the Wyoming Casper Stake will become part of the Colorado Ft. Collins Mission and the Wyoming Gillette Stake will become part of the Montana Billings Mission. Also, the Montana Glendive Stake will become part of the new North Dakota Bismarck Mission. We are awaiting further instruction as to the exact timing of these changes. We can only imagine the logistical details involved in this historic event. This change will affect four missions. Three of these four missions, Montana Billings, Nebraska Omaha and South Dakota Rapid City Mission will all receive new mission presidents on July 1st 2015. President Kelly Brown of the Colorado Ft. Collins Mission began his service in July of 2013. This change is part of the 11 new missions announced by the church this week. We fully sustain the brethren as they manage these changes and we anxiously await further instructions from them. We hope to be able to share further details during our January Zone Conference. 
All our love, President and Sister Anderson" 

So yeah! Our mission is being put into FOUR different ones!! And the mission home is moving up to Bismarck, ND! So the biggest chunk of our mission will be the North Dakota Bismarck Mission--how crazy!! I'm so glad I will get to start and end my mission in my beloved SDRCM. Woohoo! 

I love you all and hope you are all doing fantastic!! Thanks for all you do to help me, it keeps me going!!!

sister leslie.

Our Apartment living room, bigger than my previous HOUSE!

Our bedroom

Sister Woodbury, the Casper ZLs and I

Reunited again!!!!!!! :)

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