Monday, November 10, 2014

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Yes, I know I've never seen that movie, but all the little girls have sung that and "LET IT GO!!!!!" A whole bunch so I have come to know a few things. And since it is snowy and blowy and cold outside,  I thought it was appropriate. :)

So! This week  was MUCH better!! We got in with our main investigator, Tracy, FINALLY and she came to church!! She's coming to the Relief Society activity on Tuesday as well and her daughter, Raina,  loved Primary! So it was an awesome week! Tracy has such a sincere desire to know for herself that these things are true, and it is so fun to work with someone who has that desire. It excites us to do more and better work to find others who also want to know for themselves our message is true! Ha,ha she has a pretty normal face though when she's processing things, so we don't really know how well she liked church, but if she has questions, she will for sure ask them. She's really good at that. And we love questions because then we know what we can do to help her more. :) So! She's awesome. :) 

This week we attended a funeral for a lady, Mindy, who volunteered at the same food pantry we did. It was at the Church of Christ, which is a non-denominational Christian Church, and it was different for sure. I hadn't ever been to a non-LDS funeral before. I didn't feel bad or anything, but I didn't feel the Spirit, which was sad because that is SO comforting, especially when you have lost someone so close to you. Mindy's parents were just sobbing uncontrollably, and it broke my heart. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the Plan of Salvation and how we KNOW where we go after we die. The minister who spoke said nice things, but I still didn't understand where he thought Mindy was. I can't imagine not knowing about the Plan of Salvation and losing a child or close family member. It gave me a whole new perspective about finding "those that will receive you", which is what I as a missionary am called to do. We're not asked to convert the whole world, just simply to find those that will receive us and whether or not they accept our message, is up to them. 

We got to watch Meet The Mormons this week and it was AWESOME! Very inspirational! We had a mini-Zone Conference with it as well, which was fun. President and Sister Anderson as well as the Assistants to the President came down and watched it with us, as well as did a short training, and President Anderson did interviews with us. It was super fun!!! If you haven't seen Meet The Mormons, if you're a member or not, GO Watch it!! NOW!

It got chilly this week! We woke up to snow and all sorts of slush everywhere today. So winter is officially here! Yaaaayyyy....haha it'll be fun! This is a great time for missionary work, because the holidays soften people's hearts and they are more open to receive the gospel. So I'm PUMPED to go find who we need to find! 

We also found some young single adult women who want to come tracting and finding with us, so that is AWESOME! We are excited to go on splits to get double the amount of work done in a time span! We've been praying to find some tracting splits women, because our ward isn't up for it yet. But! They'll get there. One of them got back from her mission not even a week ago, so it will be powerful to go with her. :) Bawm!!''

They cancelled MLC this month (that's where I was supposed to be right now actually) so we are just makingour own training for Zone Training Meeting this week. Fun stuff! The elders spice things up so it's never boring! And we bring the hot cocoa and blankets and our cute slippers. Bahaha it's always a great time!

We helped out at mission prep again yesterday and that was fun!! I love helping out pre-missionaries so they can start better than I did!! The world needs more powerful missionaries! Oh, and more sisters in the SDRCM. So sisters, get signing up! You won't regret it! (Unless your heart's not in it). 

Casper Zone Sisters

Sister Woodbury and I with the beautiful Sister Anderson

All the Casper Sisters and Sister Anderson

Sister Woodbury and I with our SWAG

A better quality shot of our halloween costumes
(the Fairy Princess Sister Missionaries) :)
The vehicle we drive

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