Monday, November 17, 2014

Livin' In The Frozen Tundra

Yeah, the WYoming wind is pretty bad!! I will NOT miss the wind in Utah, no siree-bob!

This week was full of a lot of planning for Zone Training Meeting, and it took a while because we didn't have MLC (where we get a training on what to train the missionaries on), so we had to write our own training. And overall, I think it went very well! It ended up being a really cool experience for all the missionaries that opened themselves to feel the Spirit. There were a couple that we were disappointed in, but what can you do? People have their own agency!! So that was a fun week.  We made these sweet handouts for integrity evaluations and I attached them here so YOU can use them! You'll just have to change some of the wording to apply it to you. Watch this sweet conference highlight before evaluating yourself: It's the "Lord, Is It I?" One from President Uchtdorf. Enjoy! It is AWESOME!!!!!! 

Most importantly, Sister Woodbury got ATTACKED by a dog and got BIT!!!! What a jerk of a dog!!! The worst part was, we were at a members house decorating her kids' doors for their birthday!! So that was NOT fun, and awkward because the member may or may not be mad at us now. So that's not cool. But an interesting experience for suresies. We went to the doctor like 2 days later because we thought she's be fine, but a member freaked out when we said we hadn't been to the doctor, so we went 2 days later. We went to Dr. Babcock, who's in our ward and she's fine. :) No rabies or weird diseases for her! It was quite quite fun. Just another day in the life of a sister missionary. Never boring for sure! 

One of the girls we teach Home Primary to came to church this week!!! She only stayed for Sacrament meeting because she was exhausted but she still came! It was a miracle because we arranged for a member to bring her, but when that member got to church, Destiny wasn't with them and we were so bummed out!! We talked to the member and they were like, "She said her dad's going to bring her." Then we were SUPER bummed out because her dad is super less active and we had doubts that he would come. But then Destiny's GRANDMA brought her!!! And they both came for sacrament meeting and it was awesome. :) 

Wow. Literally NOTHING exciting happened this week! I'm trying real hard to think of something else to write about! 

Tracy continues to do well! She is going through a really hard financial spot right now and she's super stressed, but she's still making time for us to come over and to meet with us!! So that is awesome! She really does want to come to know for herself that these things are true, and she's for sure on the right path to finding that out! So we love her lots and she's super cool!

It got pretyy cold this week, down into the negatives (feels like home sweet home! NOT!) And I am very much out of the "aww, the negatives aren't too bad!" How on earth did I survive -60?! That is SOOOOOO cold! Haha I'm such a baby. I'm workin' on it though! I'll figure it out. Layer up time! I finally got some fall boots last week (it's about time!) so that makes it nice since it's still fall-ish. 

Haha here's a funny story in closing! Last P-Day, we were out from 10 until 6, and we were late for our dinner appointment and super stressed out and everything and we walk up to our front door to unlock it and it;s already open!! It had been open all day!! So it was about 30 degrees (or colder) in there (we could see our breath), and we had a little baby snow drift inside our house!!! Yeah, NOT what you want to come home to for sure!! So we made sure the door was closed and went off to our dinner appointment with the Kler's. They gave us some more blankies so we weren't cold! They're so nice! So now we are making SURE that our door is actually closed.  Haha Joy to the world. 

Yeah so that's pretty much it!! Life is great! Cold, but great! Missionary work is awesome. :) Have a great week everyone and i"ll talk to you next week!

Also, this Saturday is transfer calls, so please send all letters to the mission office to make sure I get them. If I don't email next Monday, I got transferred and will email as quick as I can. 

Loves and hugs,
sister leslie.

The cute signs we made with Sister Maddison last P-Day!

 ZTM planning week is pretty rough...and nap time for the STL's companion!

Zone Training Material Handout

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