Monday, February 2, 2015

Another Week Survived!

Now, that's not the attitude to have, I know. You shouldn't look at a mission by getting weeks done with. But this week I got the flu, so I was glad to have that go into the past! I forget how miserable that is!

But we had some fun times still this week, before that set in! 

Corben and Sylver are still doing awesome!! We met with them 4 times last week! How cool is that?! We are reviewing a lot of what we've taught them already so they can remember those things and grow to gain a testimony of them! So that is great!! We've been doing a lot of object lessons with them this week, which has been fun for their girls. They didn't come to church this week (darn it!!), but don't worry--they'll get there! They take good care of us as well. We went over and taught them on Saturday as well as ate dinner with them, but I was super sick that day, so I just drank Sprite and they let me be chill! They also helped teach the lesson, they're awesome! So they're continuing to do great!

We also found a new investigator this week who seems very open! At District Meeting on Friday, we were talking about our concerns and doing our best to help each other solve them. The concern that we brought up was how to effectively find and retain investigators. (Sounds funny to have to retain investigators, I know, but it's the truth! A lot of our investigators have dropped us since I got here). We got some really good ideas about how to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost to end up in the place where Heavenly Father needs us to be. And also that morning, before district meeting, we had texted one of our potential investigators to ask when would be a good time we could come by to share a faith-building message about Jesus Christ. Miraculously, during district meeting, he texted us back (which is a miracle even of itself) and said he was free that afternoon!! That like never happens! So we were super pumped!!! We got a member to come and we taught him! His name is Kacie, and he has a catholic background. He seems pretty open and willing to learn more! We're excited to work with him!! So that was a HUGE blessing from our Heavenly Father to help us out a bit since we have been struggling with finding and teaching investigators. 

We started a new service project this week helping at the Parrot Welfare! Sara, you would DIE at this place! I got to PET a TOUCAN! Yep! It was awesome!! They have all sorts of birds from cockatiels and lovebirds to macaws and cockatoos to some bird from Africa that is the only bird of it's kind in captivity in the world! And it's here in Belle! So that was fun! They have one that looks just like Alfredo and a couple that look just like Sweetie. 

We got in with a couple of less actives this week that haven't been visited by missionaries in a very long time, we think, so that was really cool! One of them is a part member family, so that was great! We're not sure if we're going to be able to get back in, but we will sure try!! And try again if necessary! And again! And again! We can be persistent! :) 

We also found a really good pizza place here that's one of a kind and homemade, kinda reminds me of the Pie a little bit. SO that was cool! When you start looking, Belle Fourche has some pretty cool places in it and unique things that you can't find anywhere else in the state, nation, or in some cases even the world!! Who would have thought?! 

So yeah Saturday and Sunday I was pretty much down wit the flu, today I'm much better but not perfect yet by any means. But it's a process and I'll get there! Luckily, we only had 1 lesson on Saturday and 1 on Sunday that we had to go to, and then church obviously, so I could lay down for those 2 days pretty much and sleep!! And sleep I did. And watched some of the movies I've seen about 20 times....yessss!

The scripture I wanted to share this week is 2 Nephi 31:20--"Wherefore, ye must press forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope , and a love of God and of all men. Wherefore, if ye shall press forward, feasting upon the word of Christ, and endure to the end, behold, thus saith the Father: Ye shall have eternal life." This is one of the only times in the Book of Mormon where our Father in Heaven directly tells us something. And here, He gives us the way to return to Him again! It's very simple and it makes a big impact (remember last week's scripture? By small and simple means are great things brought to pass? Here it is again!) I like to think of this scripture when I'm having a rough day or having a hard time with something to remind myself that I don't have to be perfect in everything, or really in ANYthing. I just need to keep moving forward with faith in my Savior and trust in His plan for me. I can build my faith by reading the scriptures, praying, making church and the sacrament a meaningful experience and following the promptings of the Holy Ghost. These things DO make a difference for me, and they do for all of us!! Keep pushing forward and using the tools our Heavenly Father has given us to fight the adversary! His tools are sooo much more powerful than our enemys'. :)

I love all of you so much!!! I hope your week is going well and will continue to get better and better!!

sister leslie.

Oh, and weather update! It's a balmy 30 degrees outside with a few inches of snow and ice! Welcome back, winter! :( 

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