Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I'm Still Alive!!!

Sorry, sorry, sorry this is late, this week has been CRAZY!! This letter will be short but I'll try to fit everything in there!! So first point, Sister Barrett got transferred this week to Wiliston, ND! She left on Monday, so I was in Rapid Tuesdayand most of today (until 3) waiting for my new companion, Sister McConkie, to come. So I have her now and she is great!! She is from good ol' Bountiful, UT (OH YEAH! Parents, you must track down her family! You have no excuses now!) and has been on her mission for 4 1/2 months. I'm so excited to work with her!! :) More pictures to come next week. :) She is awesome though. I love her a lot already. It's so weird that Sister Barrett left though because I was just with her for 1 transfer and I'll just be with Sister McConkie for 1 transfer. Crazy stuff! (Yes, she is related to Bruce R McConkie. He's her grandpa's brother.)

Okay super abbreviated version!

Zone Conference was amazing!! I loved it!! I had to bear my final testimony because it was my last Zone Conference and even though that was awful that it was my last ZC I loved being ble to share with others my love for my mission! So that was pretty powerful!

We went ot a bull sale to support one of our less actives, so that was a new experience! Never been to one of those before! Each bull was like 3-9 thousand dollars! Crazy!

We finally got up to Alzada, MT to teach on of our investigators the day before Sister Barrett left! It was super fun! We have special permission to teach them because they live out of our mission but we get to teach them! It's awesome! So that was great.

Sorry this is so short!! I have no time!! Look up 2 Nephi 2:11! That's the scripture of the week!! I love you! I promise to write a better email next week!!

sister leslie.

Me and Gospel Lane

Sister Anderson and I at Zone Conference last week

At the Bull Sale...yeah that's right!

President and Sister Anderson came to our district meeting!

Us and Bill

The Belle Fourche missionaries!

Us with Corben and Sylver and their family

Leaving the mission to teach a lesson...yes it's approved!

Last pic with Sister Barrett

Seeing Sister Woodbury again on her way to Grand Forks, ND

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