Monday, February 9, 2015

Never Boring!

Just when you think things are going to calm down, they pick right back up!!

Take, for example, that last MOnday I was feeling much better and then on Tuesday--BAM! I was sicker than a dog and sicker than I've ever been in my whole life, or at least in my recollection! So that was a not too fun adventure that set us back another couple of days. Yaaayyy. But the good news is I am back to full health now, knock on wood, so I am counting my blessings! 

Even though I was sick and down for a good 3 days, we still had some awesome lessons and were able to accomplish some great things!! Heavenly Father truly is aware of me and my situation here in Belle, I cannot deny it!! 

We had exchanges this week, and I stayed here in Belle with Sister Rodriguez, our Sister Training Leader. I also came out with her, so it was fun to teach with her and get to know her more!! SHe is an awesome teacher and it was super fun to be able to teach with someone who has had a lot of experience teaching, like I have. I love her a lot!! We got to teach some awesome less actives and our investigator, Bill, and we also got to serve at the Parrot Welfare place again, which was super fun! Sister Rodriguez loved it and being able to talk to all the birds, haha. SO it was a really fun exchange!!

Bill is doing awesome!! He has given the closing prayer at our last 2 appointments!! That is HUGE for him!! SO slowly but surely he is progressing and he will totally get there!!

Sister Barrett and I have been making a big focus this week on having lessons simply about Jesus Christ and HIs atonement, and it has been so powerful!! The SPirit that it brings into the room is incredible and it builds a relationship of trust between us and who we are teaching, so it has been great!! It's making a big difference for those we are teaching and it's helping me to focus again on why I'm a missionary and what "inviting others to come unto Christ" really means. SO it has been really powerful!!

Corben and Sylver are still doing awesome, but they didn't come to church!! SO that's a super bummer. But we'll get them next week!! We were really bold with them this week about repentance and what sincere repentance means and how we can sincerely repent. I think it helped them to gain new perspectives that they hadn't thought of before, so mission accomplished!! (Not really, but lesson accomplished!) 

We found this new less active couple, the Bowers, and they are super super cool! They remind me a bit of the McKinney family up in Minot that I taught, so I am super PUMPED to work with them!! We found their house finally after we almost murdered 2 deer that were trying to commit suicide.....missed them by like 2 feet! Missionaries are watched over for sure, not a doubt in my mind about that!! 

Sister Barrett and I are starting to get along much better, we're starting to become actual friends. Thank goodness the awkward phase is ending!! But transfer calls are this Saturday and there's a big chance that she could get moved so I can hand off the area before I.....never mind. I'm going to be a missionary forever so I don't know why I'm all worried. Ha. 

Fun riddle of the week: "Where do horses go when they're sick? To the neigh-popopital!!!" (The little boy who told us this couldn't say 'hospital' haha. So stinkin' cute!) 

The scripture of the week is Ether 12:27"And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them." This week, I have felt weak very many times, moments when I am tired or done trying people and the like, and I know I should act better or just BE better, but it doesn't happen like that. My weaknesses can be very frustrating sometimes, because I've been a missionary for a while, so I feel like I need to be a lot better at many things than I am, but if I didn't have any weaknesses, I couldn't grow!! That's partly why focusing on teaching about Jesus Christ has been awesome this week, because it has again given me the perspective that I can use my weaknesses to bring me closer to Jesus Christ, who can help me turn them into strengths. It's a very powerful principle and I have seen it work again and again on my mission!!

I love you all and hope you are just dandy!!
sister leslie.

Sister Rodriguez and I cleaning one of the bird exhibits at the Parrot Welfare

Oh no--we're stuck in the exhibit!!!

Yep, that's right--petting a toucan!!

Our district: Me, Sister Barrett, Elder Dudley, Elder Emmett, Elder Powell and Elder Bell

Blizzard of the Month after a rough appointment! 

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